god bless gilgamesh

by god bless gilgamesh

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a bunch of my poems set to music that i recorded in about 20 minutes, drums and vocals were recorded together, guitar is overdubbed


released July 14, 2017

vocals, drums, skramz, guitar - hugh schmidt
emo house album photo by me as well




Hugh Schmidt Concord, Massachusetts

avant-garde metal/ experimental/ black metal/ spoken word/skramz from people in concord! contact me at JarlMarx@gmail.com if you have any questions

"arguably CCHS's coolest musician" - CCHS Voice

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Track Name: i look for feathers in the rains from heaven, i find mostly piss
heaven shrieks out screaming wordless obscenities up to the land above it, contained for too long bursting forth raining feathers and piss on the darkened expectant world below
god in all his glory
creates the world out of semen and blood
holy holy holy lord
god of artist's construction
heaven and earth are full of our glory
hosanna in the highest
hosanna in the highest
Track Name: you shall receive flies in compact and consumable form
a hellscape of flies bathed in holy water and piss fly over the border between new york and new jersey and into rest stop vending machines ready for purchase, to receive flies in compact and consumable form enter 6-6-6 on the keypad, the screen will only display two numbers but do it anyway, press enter, and you shall receive flies in compact and consumable form
eat inject snort drink and you shall feel whole again as the blaspheming essence of flies and god and holy water and piss permeate into your bloodstream
Track Name: god bless gilgamesh
Pride, hell i've built
kept in check by man
kill your gods for cedar trees
spurn gods
death of man
chase the sun
pride, failure, reconciliation
Track Name: my face is pressed up against cool glass, dead grass
my face is pressed up against cool glass, looking through the window at dead grass
watching lights
telephone poles
dead grass