D​-​Sides & Scarcities

by Hugh Schmidt

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A bunch of tracks recorded in the past two years that I wanted to get out there. The first three were inspired by Corey Ames in that the day he released his EP I wrote and recorded them in my car hours after. "Gardening" is a field recording of my garden. The next 4 tracks are synth/vapor experiments, the other two are metal tracks.


released August 4, 2017

Hugh Schmidt: Bass, Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Synthesizers, Computer things

Recorded in my home, car, and garden

Drums are fake




Hugh Schmidt Concord, Massachusetts

Former frontman of Kids Luv Cops and former bassist with Nick Owen. Here's my weird avant-garde metal/skramz/indie rock

"arguably CCHS's coolest musician" - CCHS Voice

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Track Name: Voyeur of Me
recorded in my car 8/3/17

I pull myself
Out of me
Because the rest I don’t need
All to see

I want to look
At myself
Behold my own body
Through mine eyes

I’m a voyeur of me
I sabotage my self
So I can see
All the harm I’m doing
Mainly to myself

i write down
So I can look back and think god what.a dumbass

I am too worried
I’m too scared
To ask my parents something
They’ll probably say no to

i’m a voyeur of me
I get off embarrassing myself
So I can see
All the harm I’m doing
to myself
Track Name: My Pal Satan
recorded in my car 8/3/17

satan is real
they are my friend

And they’re not so bad
Except till your end

If you’ve lived a life
Full of joy and mirth
they’ll make you wish
That you’d never experienced birth

If you’re like me
And are a pal
they won’t be so bad
To you, after all
Track Name: Sid Is My Parakeet
recorded in my car 8/3/17

Sid is my parakeet
Yellow and small
Only one leg works
So she can’t stand tall

She’s very affectionate
And chirps in your ear
I’m sorry to say she’ll die within the year
Track Name: Gardening
recorded 8/1/17, a little field recording at my garden
Track Name: B L A K E A E S T H E T I C
A vaporwave song for Blake, made at 2 in the morning a little over a year ago
Track Name: Flowing & Revolving
i didn't like rivers and revolutions very much but i got this track out of it. recorded april 2017
Track Name: Snow Day Synths
recorded march 2017
Track Name: Charging Cable
recorded january 2017
Track Name: Bears Live Outside 0
recorded october 2016, where it all started
Track Name: 'Ol Lanky Tor
probably my most raw bm track i've released, inspired by the norwegian folktale, recorded january 2017